AP Submission/ Client Enrollment to ePlot

  1. After each sale - please return to this page and put the clients info into the form.  

  2. Once we receive the notification of your sale- eClick will send a welcome package to your client thanking them for their business on your behalf.  

  3. This will trigger an enrollment into ePlot if they have an email.

  4. If they do not- We will send a planning guide to them. 

  5. If more than one client- submit one form for each client.

  6. You can submit a husband and wife by stating ex. John and Sally Smith in the name field.  

  7. Combine both premiums for the total.

  8.  Please take your time while filling the form out- 

  9. The information is sent Automatically to your client. 

  10. We put YOUR NAME, Number, Email on the welcome letter. 

  11. We send 2 brochures about eClick and ePlot. 

  12. There is a referral form on the back of the eClick Brochure. 

  13. Call Your Client to make sure they received it- and ask for the referrals. 

  14. Please Input the Info in the following fields as such:

  15. Your Name:  Steven Gifford (Capitalize properly- it shows up on the forms.)

  16. Your Phone: (614) 749-4002 or            614-749-4002

  17. Your Clients Name: John Smith (Caps)

  18. Premium Amount- Ex.  56.00 (No $ Sign)

  19. First Premium Date- Date of first payment

  20. Future Draft-  the following months draft.